Summer Activities Round-Up, Part 1

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly mid-way through August, coming into summer’s home stretch.  Some of you are probably starting school again in the coming days, but chances are, wherever you live, you’ll still be enjoying at least a few more weeks of sunny days.

We recently posted about Painting with Ice Cubes and Jello, and fun with spray bottles, both of which are fitting activities for summer scorcher days.  We thought we would do a round-up of other great activities to get you and your kids through the final Dog Days of summer:

1) These beautiful Bubble Wands made by Kleas featured on The Crafty Crow.  (If you need bubble solution, try this homemade recipe: mix 1C liquid dish soap, like Dawn, with 9C water.)

2) Ice Sculptures with Salt and Liquid Watercolors from by Jean at The Artful Parent.  You just freeze a block of ice in a milk carton and then let the kids go to town with salt and liquid watercolors.  Aren’t they cool?

3) Water Balloon Color Mixing from No Time for Flashcards.  I bet you could use squirt guns for this if you’re out of water balloons, or (like me) find filling them to be a challenge.

4) The Mudpie Kitchen – While you’re outside getting wet, you may as well get muddy too!  (Just an excuse to hose off afterward.)  Check out this incredibly creative project by Rachelle at TinkerLab.

5) Finally, more Painting With Ice Cubes over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Stay tuned for 5 more activities next week!

What were some of your favorite summer activities?