Birthday Traditions Round-up

For a kid, a long-awaited birthday seems to take forever to arrive; for a parent, the years fly by in the blink of an eye! Maybe that’s why so many families create little birthday traditions. The familiar routine is special to kids, and lets parents hold onto our babies… for a little bit longer. Here are some of our favorites!

Our List of Birthday Traditions

Birthday Advent Calendar

For kids who can’t wait for the big day to arrive, a birthday advent calendar is a fun way to count the days. (We love this beautiful hand-sewn one featured on home and harmony.) You can keep it simple and just use the pockets to count the days. Or you can tuck a special little note or drawing in each pocket.

Birthday Countdown Chain

For a simple, no-sew solution, check out this countdown chain from Modern Parents Messy Kids. Just create a chain out of construction paper with one link for each day. Every morning, the child can cut one link off the chain, until finally there are no more links and the birthday has arrived!

DIY Birthday Crown

For a special birthday craft, what can be better than a crown? This cardboard crown tutorial from Made by Joel is fun, easy, and can be customized to suit any kid. It’s fun to make a new crown every year and watch how the designs change.

Sparkly DIY Birthday Crown

Or for a crown with a little more glitz, check out this clever Snow White sparkly crown from Make and Takes – all you need is silver piper cleaners and clear pony beads.

Clay Handprint Kits for Kids

Clay handprint kits are great for tiny babies, but what about big kids? These scrapbook handprints from Mod Podge Rocks! are a great birthday memory craft. It’ll be a treasure to keep even if you do just one, or you can keep adding new ones each year to create a lovely wall.

Birthday Interview Questions

Or for a no-supplies-needed memory activity, try a birthday interview. The answers will definitely make you laugh, and might even make you cry (in a good way).

Birthday Photo Series

Even parents of big kids can use some of the tips on this beautiful photo series from Making it Lovely. The keep it simple plan: pick one spot for birthday photos, and include a chair or something in the background for scale as your child grows.

And finally, in case you wanted a good cry about how quickly babies grow, don’t miss this amazing time-lapse video of a little girl growing from birth to 12 years.

What birthday traditions are you doing this year?

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    1. No, thank you for a lovely project! I picked up canvases and a big tub of Mod Podge today, in fact – looking forward to little boy handprints on my wall! And if you’d like a Kiwi Crate, we could arrange that. 🙂 Just drop a line to [email protected] and I’ll hook you up.

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