Felt Superhero Masks

Have you checked out Kiwi Crate’s Celebration Shop lately? The shop features a Flying Fairy costume and Superhero costume to help the kiddos add a dash of DIY to Halloween.

If you’re looking for more Halloween inspiration, Shwin&Shwin‘s Shauna shares a surefire way for the kids to keep their secret identities…well, secret.

Are your kids obsessed with superheroes? Mine are, especially my son. The kids decided to make masks to protect their superhero identities. It was a great way to use their imagination and get them thinking about what super powers they would want to have.

What You’ll Need
felt glue

I talked to the kids about their favorite superheroes (this day, they were into Batman and Bat Girl). So we started by cutting out a basic mask shape much like the ones worn by their favorite heroes.

To cut the shapes, we held the felt up to their face to give us a guide of how wide to make the mask, and where the nose and eye holes should be. We created two pieces of felt per mask.

Then the kids added glue to one side of each of their masks. They stuck two ribbons on the glue-covered masks (one ribbon at each end). Then they placed the other mask piece on top of the glue.

The kids cut up different shapes and designs from felt and glued them to the front of the mask shapes to design their own mask.

The five-year-old loved this and did it all himself, while the three-year-old needed help and directed me on what she wanted cut.

This was a great time to get a conversation going about what superheros are and what super powers the kids wished they had.

After we allowed the glue to fully dry, the masks were ready to be worn! The kids loved becoming their own superhero. My five-year-old has already requested two more masks: one inspired by Spider Man and the other by Captain America. Hmm…I may have a  decked out caped crusader on my hands come October 31….

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