Meet Our Brand-New Single Crates!

Have you missed out on our most popular crates? We’ve got news for you: we’ve released more single crates for sale in our store!

These crates are available with or without a KiwiCo subscription! They make the perfect introduction to KiwiCo—and, at only $19.95, they make great gifts, too. In addition to the single crates already available on our site, you can now choose from more of our classics: Wind Power, Growing Gardens, Farmers’ Market and Busy with Bugs.

Growing Gardens

One of our first-ever crates, Growing Gardens allows kids to experience the magic of growing real plants from seed to fruit…by planting their own window garden! Materials in the crate help kids observe their plants as they grow from window planter to backyard plot. When the plants are ripe, kids can try new recipes to showcase their harvest. In the meantime, they’ll decorate a unique clay pot to “plant” paper flowers in. Growing Gardens is one of our top fan favorites, so we’re thrilled to share it in our store for the first time!

Wind Power

Kids loved discovering the power of wind—by building and racing the wind-powered cars in this crate! With Wind Power, you can also design a wind sock to measure the wind, and conduct wind experiments with bonus online material.

Busy with Bugs

This crate got rave reviews for its unique, active first project, where kids create a firefly that glows in the dark and “flies” on its own zipline! Kids also make bug sponge art, then discover even more about bugs with 9 bug exploration cards, featuring bug facts, activities and more.

Farmers’ Market

Kids learn all about healthy fruits and vegetables…by lacing together their own soft, stuffed produce! Then they decorate their own market apron with fabric crayons. KiwiCo kids used what they learned (and the included play money) for hours of farmers’ market-themed imaginative play.

We’re so excited to be able to share these special crates with our community. Grab one for a friend—or keep a few on hand for the long summer months ahead!

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  1. I’m a new shopper to KiwiCo, but the products seem wonderful. I have seven great-grandchildren and I want to buy ONE crate for each of them for Christmas. I do not want the subscription, but I can’t seem to get past the “choose a subscription” page.

    Because I’m buying seven crates, do I get the free shipping deal? Individually, I would not qualify, but with the quantity I’m buying, I will.

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