Daylight Savings: Transition Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year again — while springing forward gives us an extra hour of light in the afternoons, it also means early mornings and early bedtimes. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get your family through the transition period.

Happy Morning Eggs
Start the week off with this easy egg recipe! Leftovers are sure to be a time-saver on those hectic weekday mornings.
Happy Easy Eggs

Milk Jug Sun Catchers
Savor the extra golden light in the afternoon with these simple sun-catchers.
milk jug suncatchers

Simple Sundial
Learn how the sun moves across the sky with this homemade sundial.

Indoor Hopscotch
It may not be warm enough for outdoor activities yet, so get the kids tuckered out and ready for bed with this indoor hopscotch idea.

Starry Night Constellations
Encourage bedtime with this evening activity that’s sure to get the lights turned off!
starry night constellations

Printable Daily Routines
Setting a routine can help kids transition throughout the day. Get your printables here.
Morning Routine Bedtime Routine

What does your family do with the extra hour of afternoon sun?

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