Quick, Easy and Healthy Breakfasts

Are you finding it hard to make your kids a healthy breakfast in the morning? With the getting ready for school rush, somethings get bumped back on the priority scale. Grabbing a breakfast bar to eat in the car on the way to school, just isn’t going to cut it! So we’ve gathered a few of our favorite quick, easy and healthy breakfast recipes to help you stay on schedule on hectic school-day mornings!

Kiwi Crate Egg Funny Faces
Egg Funny Faces
A great way to involve your children in the kitchen. Making healthy food choices and learning about food will benefit them in so many ways. This egg dish is such a great one to do on a Sunday and have an easy healthy breakfast ready to go all week.

No-Cook Oatmeal
My children love to help me cook, so no-cook recipes are wonderful when I can find a good one that they love too. This oatmeal is so easy to prepare and to have ready to go all week for those hectic mornings. A bonus is that they have fun preparing it and eating it; healthy choices start now!

Breakfast Banana Pops
Bananas, oats and yogurt make this a healthy and FUN way to eat your oatmeal in the mornings. Kids will love making and eating these banana pops!

Kiwi-Crate-Fruit-Yogurt-ParfaitFruit and Yogurt Parfait
Parfaits aren’t just for dessert anymore! Picky eaters will enjoy the option of adding their favorite fruits to their morning meal.
Egg in Clouds
This easy egg recipe looks like the sun sitting in a bed of clouds. Kids will have fun using their imagination with this creative way to eat your eggs in the morning!

Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Forgot about your old, tired bowl of oatmeal! Quinoa, a super grain has so many good nutrients for your growing little ones.

Apple Cider Pancakes
The name says it all! This is a great recipe for fall. You and your kids will love the taste of apple cider in your breakfast.

Wholesome Breakfast Crepes
Sometimes you just need something fabulous for breakfast. Crepes with favorite trimmings–cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, favorite jam, berries (and maybe even some from the garden!)–They’ll become a family favorite!

Egg In the Hole
Use differently shaped cookie cutters to kick your typical egg and toast breakfast up a notch!

Breakfast Burritos
Anything wrapped up like a burrito is more fun and appeal to kids, wouldn’t you agree? Have them choose their ingredients and they can help you wrap up these easy-to-transport healthy handfuls.



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