Make it a Summer of Discovery!

Can you believe that summer is right around the corner?? (Or maybe it’s already here for you!)

For kids, at this point, it’s pretty much unbounded joy — celebrating the fun and freedom of the season ahead.  For parents, it’s a bit more of a mixed bag.  There are lots of things I’m really looking forward to: the long days, beautiful summer evenings, and not-so-early-crazed-and-rushed mornings. Plus, looking ahead at three months of summer feels so full of possibility and promise! But it’s a little terrifying too: “HOW are we going to fill all those days? HOW much screen time is okay??”  And when the inevitable happens (“I’m BORED!!!”), how do we respond?

We’ve done our fair share of raising / entertaining the 12-and-under set here at Kiwi Crate (there are 30+ of them between us all), and we wanted to share a few of our favorite screen-free summer activities with you, to help you and your kiddos make it a Summer of Discovery this year.

1. Milk Rainbows

Part of the fun of summer showers is that there are always rainbows afterward –  but who wants to wait that long to see one?

The wait is over when you make milk rainbows at home with your kids.

2. Plantable Paper

As the weather gets warm and you find yourself in the garden, why not get your kids involved too?

Making plantable paper is easy and fun, with the bonus reward to come in a few weeks when the flowers germinate!

3. Banana Ice Cream

As the weather heats up, if your kids are anything like mine, there is a near certainty that they will ask for ice cream. My response? If you can make it, you can have it!

Here is an easy DIY ice cream that is sure to satiate your children’s desire for the icy treat with only one ingredient and without the excess sugar in pre-packaged brands.

4. Eggheads

Looking to make breakfast a bit more interesting?

Next time you are whipping up eggs for the family, save the shells and create a friendly-faced garden with your kiddos!

5. Marshmallow Sculptures 

Sitting by the campfire and making s’mores with the family is one of the great summer pastimes– how to keep your kids from eating the entire bag of left-over marshmallows gets a bit more sticky…

For this one time, encourage your kids to play with their food and create the masterpieces built from your camping leftovers!

6. Dancing Staples

If you have ever gone camping with your kids, you know how curious they are about how a compass works and where exactly magnetic North is.

Let them explore how magnetic fields work with this simple experiment!

7. Balloon Powered Lego Car

Rather than piling into the car for a trip on the open road this summer, why not let your tykes take to the raceway in your home by building a balloon powered lego car!

Use your imagination and create a racecourse with the furniture in your home!

8. A Kiwi Crate subscription

Get all the materials and inspiration you need for a summer of discovery delivered right to your door from KiwiCo.  We’ll deliver a crate to your child each month, filled with projects to spark their creativity, enable hands-on learning… and lots of fun!

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