10 Creative Heart Projects for Kids


Get to the heart of the matter on Valentine’s Day, or any other day of the year, with these fun family projects. Create a homemade celebration with heart cards, gifts, food, and even a little math.

Valentine Fingerprint Stencil Heart (Ages 3-16)

Make a meaningful personalized valentine to capture the moment. Fingerprints are a great way to remember how precious, unique and little your kids’ fingers are!


Light-Up Valentine (Ages 9-16)

This card is sure to be the highLIGHT of your Valentine’s day! Conductive paint makes this an easy, but impressive, circuitry project.


String Art Valentine (Ages 9-16)

What better way to show appreciation than a unique, handmade letter? This year, share a hand embroidered card with friends and family.


Heart Mug (Ages 9-16)

It’s nice to gift presents that will be well loved and used. These mugs can be filled up with chocolate goodies, a great DIY gift for someone special!


Valentine Thaumatrope (Ages 6-16)

Once you finish your design, test your thaumatrope by rolling it back and forth between your hands. Can you see your two images meld into one? What other pairs of images can you think of?


Valentine’s Clothespin Counting Card (Ages 2-5)

Practice counting with this Valentine’s Day clothespin counting card. Have your child count the number of hearts in each section of the card and attach the corresponding clothespin. Turn it into a game by putting all the clothespins in a container, and picking a clothespin without looking.


A Little Flubber (Ages 3-9)

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says “love” quite like a giant tub of flubber! Stretch and play with your flubber or use cookie cutters to create fun shapes.

Confetti Heart Art (Ages 3-9)

Kids love making a mess, so they’ll jump at the chance to make a confetti bomb art project. A colorful (and fun to make!) sheet of heart art always has a place on the fridge.


Valentine Snack Platter (Ages 4-16)

This fruit and cheese platter is a yummy and healthy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without all the sugar! Kids can help my kids helped shape many of these healthy snacks into heart shapes.


Conversation Heart Math (Ages 3-9)

Make math equations fun and festive with conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy playing at each child’s own level of math.


For families with a tradition of sweet little chocolate surprises, try our easy cutout cards!


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